Softa Carmenere operation in 2016

Softa Carmenere has been established since 2009 as a Graphic Arts industry importer, specializing in package printing (digital-, flexo-, offset- and rotogravure) along with software and equipment related to package printing. Softa Carmenere has been operating in Finland as Esko-Graphics BVBA reseller about 7 years. Prior to establishing Softa Carmenere, the founder and an owner, Kari Pietilä, has worked in a corporation which was a reseller for Artwork Systems and later Esko-Graphics BVBA, based in Belgium, as a Product Manager specializing in aforementioned companies software and equipment sales.

Softa Carmenere has more than 15 years of experience, therefore has a very comprehensive know-how knowledge in 3D simulation, package printing and large format workflow automatization software, along with technology relating to flexo printing.

Softa Carmenere and KTA-Yhtiöt Oy made a business trade in September 2015 and the reselling of Esko-Graphics BVBA products was traded to KTA-Yhtiöt Oy. Softa Carmenere will continue as a free agent in package printing.

Contact details:

Managing Director
Tel: +358 400 426 685